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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Travis County Democrats' anti-Perry narrative continues to crumble...

"He who speaks truth declares righteousness
But a false witness, deceit."
Proverbs 12:17

We apologize for forgetting about this last week, but the Austin-American Statesman makes a good point about the CIPRIT silliness the Travis County Democrats are pushing:
Amid the warring storylines over Gov. Rick Perry’s indictment, a claim has arisen from some Democrats that Perry wasn’t just trying to push a political opponent out of office – but that he was trying to stop a criminal investigation that could have been damaging to him.

Mo Elleithee, communications director for the Democratic National Committee, sent out an email Monday contending that Perry’s veto of money for the Travis County Public Integrity Unit was linked to that unit’s investigation into the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas.


Elleithee’s email, however, left out some key details about the CPRIT investigation — including that two months before Lehmberg’s arrest, she told reporters that none of Perry’s appointees to the CPRIT board were “under suspicion in the investigation.”

[Author's note: Emphasis added.]
The full article gives the detailed timeline, including the fact that the investigation continued after Perry's veto, here.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hundreds rally for Governor Perry at Courthouse

"The hypocrite with his mouth destroys his neighbor,
But through knowledge the righteous will be delivered."
Proverbs 11:9

Blackwell-Thurman Criminal Justice Center -- This afternoon, Governor Perry appeared at the Travis County Justice center.  He was met by several hundred passionate supporters.  The backlash against Travis County Democrats' partisan assault on the rule of law is obvious:

  • "I'm here today because I believe in the rule of law. "
  • "I'm going to enter this courthouse with my head held high knowing the actions that I took were not only lawful and legal, but right."
  • "If I had to do so, I would veto funding for the Public Integrity Unit again."
  • "This issue is far bigger than me; it's about the rule of law, it's about the constitution that allows, not just a Governor, but allows every citizen to speak their mind free of political interference or legal intimidation."
  • "This indictment is nothing short of an attack on the Constitutional powers of the Office of Governor...and I will not allow this attack on our system of government to stand."

  • "It is our system of constitutional checks and balances that is being challenged here today."
  • "This prosecution would seek to erode the power of all Texas Governors, Republican or Democrat, to veto legislation and funding they deem inappropriate; it is a chilling restraint on the right of free speech."
  • "The actions that I took were lawful, they were legal, and they were proper."
  • Dems: "Seek to acheieve at the courthouse what they could not achieve at the Ballot box."
  • "We don't resolve political disputes or policy differences by indictments."

Update: Looks like the guv has also released this video:


TABC's Backdoor Gun Show Restrictions Fall Flat

"Every one of the builders had his sword girded at his side as he built. And the one who sounded the trumpet was beside me."
Nehemiah 4:18

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission took public comment on its bizarre proposal to change the rules at gun shows; the fact that Open Carry Texas, C.A.T.I., and Moms Demand Action find themselves on the same side of this proposal tells you everything you need to know:

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

First things first, we should note the final tally of comments about the proposal:
For: 1
Against: 22

  • The Commission is claiming legislative authority it doesn't possess.
  • When does "safety" become fascism?!?
  • Nobody drinks alcohol at a gun show.
  • The only person who spoke in favor of the rule change was the lobbyist for the person who requested it.
  • Texas Carry has gotten 30,000+ responses; all opposed.
  • "It's common sense that no one wants to attend a gun show that has no ammo."
  • Texas Carry will ask for an injunction against the rule from the Attorney General.
    • Author's Note: Hint, hint Ken....
  •  Open Carry Texas vehemently opposes rule.
    • TABC is already too involved with guns (bars and gas stations)
    • TABC modeling itself after Federal A.T.F.
  • "Stick to alcohol and let the legislators stick to guns."
  • If you can't transfer onsite, it hurts small retailers.
  • Alexandra Chase from MDA:
    • Called MDA pro-second amendment.
    • Half of gun related homicides involve alcohol.
  • If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  • We can never prevent violence through law and regulation.

Texas Ethics Commission confesses lawlessness

"For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life."
Galatians 6:8

That's no good:
In an effort to defend a suit brought by Empower Texans President Michael Quinn Sullivan under the Texas Open Meetings Act, the Texas Ethics Commission has doubled down on their lawless behavior. Late last week, the TEC admitted for the first time that commissioners met in secret to craft an order against Sullivan for his work informing taxpayers about the actions of the legislature.

On Monday, the TEC’s executive director testified in open court that the meetings were not called, were not planned, that no notice was given to the public, that no agenda or minutes for the meetings were kept, and that no recordings of the meetings were made. The commission is stipulating to their complete disregard of the Texas Open Meetings Act, arguing that the law which binds other governmental bodies doesn’t apply to them.

Never before has the TEC disclosed such secret meetings, or publicly claimed a right for commissioners to do so.

When the suit under the Open Meetings Act was filed, it was expected to require extensive discovery to determine how far the commission had gone in disregarding the law. However the TEC is now arguing that it has complete authority to meet in secret, and that orders issued by the commission need not even include the names of the commissioners and how they voted.

The commission has placed its self so far outside of the open meetings law that the case is moving fast for a determination on the legal issues alone. The facts aren’t in dispute, the TEC claims they are not going to be bound by the Open Meetings Act absent a court order to the contrary.
 Read the whole thing here.

Monday, August 18, 2014

How grassroots Texans are changing our statehouse

"Now the children of Benjamin gathered together behind Abner and became a unit, and took their stand on top of a hill. "
2 Samuel 2:25

Ft. Worth -- Ten days ago, JoAnn Fleming, Michael Quinn Sullivan and Jim Graham spoke about how the conservative grassroots are coming together across Texas:

  • Balkanization within the conservative movement (fiscal conservatives vs. social conservatives vs libertarians) is a tool of the establishment.
  • The origin of the coalition was the recognition of common enemies.
  • There's safety in numbers.
  • JoAnn Fleming -- Texas spends too much, borrows too much, and relies to much on the Feds.
    • 11th in the nation for dependence on Federal $$$
    • 3 big enemies: Big Business, Big Government, Big Media
    • Nothing is more frustrating that elected officials that are genuinely clueless.
    • "The longer they stay, the worse they get."
  • Jim Graham -- Every year there are 70,000 abortions in Texas
    • That's the population of Temple.
    • Alabama, Oklahoma pass 5 to 7 pro-life bills per session.
    • Took out three of the most liberal Republicans in the Texas Senate the past two sessions.
  • During the 84th: First Amendment Tuesday every week.
  • The real fight isn't R vs. D; it's establishment vs. the rest of us.
  • There's no principle of liberty on which you can defend corporate welfare.
  • The lobbyists in Austin don't want a change in #TXLEGE leadership.
  • A lot of the House members who are on the fence have district that overlap with the new Senators.

About that Special Session: An Open Letter to Governor Perry

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go."
Joshua 1:9

Dear Mr. Governor,

First things first, we apologize for the conduct of the Travis County District Attorney's office.  While you're far from perfect, you don't deserve this mess.  Since we had this situation thrust upon us, however, we have an opportunity you should consider:

NOW is the time to call that special session.

Abuse of the Public Integrity Unit has long been discussed.  Following Rosemary Lehmberg's disgraceful conduct, there was already an appetite to remove this power from the Travis County District Attorney.  Unfortunately, this malicious prosecution against you adds a new sense of urgency.  With equally frivolous charges in in the pipeline against Wallace Hall and Ken Paxton, time is of the essence.  Events of the past few days illustrate that the Travis County DA's partisan malice will continue to bear toxic fruit as long as that office holds this authority.

That's why you should call a special session to transfer "Public Integrity" authority from the Travis County DA to the Texas Attorney General.  Regardless of this case, it's silly that an official that is elected in one out of 254 counties should be able to disenfranchise millions of Texans when investigating officials elected statewide.  Obviously, with you and Ken Paxton in the Travis County DA's crosshairs, the left will kvetch.  So what?!?  Let them; then have Ken carry the bill in the Texas Senate!!!

During the current border crisis, you've received countless calls for a special session to address it.  Up to this point, this website hasn't supported a special session for border issues.  The new Republican consensus brought about by this attack against you changes that calculation.  The lame duck RINOs we worried about earlier won't dare get out of line now.  As long as the legislature is coming back to town, they should also address sustainable funding for border operations.

Transferring "public integrity" authority to the Texas Attorney General and establishing sustainable funding for border operations are worthwhile causes for new legislation.  It would address abuse of power at the County level and dereliction of duty at the Federal.  A proactive, problem-solving, approach would do a tremendous service to the 84th legislature and the new Governor.  It would also illustrate that the partisan actions by a rogue agency in Travis County cannot derail the business of the State of Texas.  You just have to issue the call.

The ball is in your court Mr. Governor.

Adam Cahn
Austin, TX
August 18, 2014

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Axelrod distances Obama from Travis County Democrats!!!

"The soul of the wicked desires evil;
His neighbor finds no favor in his eyes."
Proverbs 21:10

It's quite a statement when your political tactics are too sleazy for Barack Obama's campaign director:

If you're wondering why this statement is so extraordinary coming from Axelrod, consider that he's the guy who did this:
Let’s take a romp down memory lane and review the typical Obama campaign strategy. Obama became a U.S. senator only by virtue of David Axelrod’s former employer, the Chicago Tribune, ripping open the sealed divorce records of Obama’s two principal opponents.

One month before the 2004 Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate, Obama was down in the polls, about to lose to Blair Hull, a multimillionaire securities trader. But then the Chicago Tribune leaked the claim that Hull’s second ex-wife, Brenda Sexton, had sought an order of protection against him during their 1998 divorce proceedings.

Those records were under seal, but as The New York Times noted: “The Tribune reporter who wrote the original piece later acknowledged in print that the Obama camp had ‘worked aggressively behind the scenes’ to push the story.” Many people said Axelrod had “an even more significant role — that he leaked the initial story.”

Both Hull and his ex-wife opposed releasing their sealed divorce records, but they finally relented in response to the media’s hysteria — 18 days before the primary. Hull was forced to spend four minutes of a debate detailing the abuse allegation in his divorce papers, explaining that his ex-wife “kicked me in the leg and I hit her shin to try to get her to not continue to kick me.” After having held a substantial lead just a month before the primary, Hull’s campaign collapsed with the chatter about his divorce. Obama sailed to the front of the pack and won the primary. Hull finished third with 10 percent of the vote.

As luck would have it, Obama’s opponent in the general election had also been divorced! Jack Ryan was tall, handsome, Catholic — and shared a name with one of Harrison Ford’s most popular onscreen characters! He went to Dartmouth, Harvard Law and Harvard Business School, made hundreds of millions of dollars as a partner at Goldman Sachs, and then, in his early 40s, left investment banking to teach at an inner city school on the South Side of Chicago.

Ryan would have walloped Obama in the Senate race. But at the request of — again — the Chicago Tribune, California Judge Robert Schnider unsealed the custody papers in Ryan’s divorce five years earlier from Hollywood starlet Jeri Lynn Ryan, the bombshell Borg on “Star Trek: Voyager.”

Jack Ryan had released his tax records. He had released his divorce records. But both he and his ex-wife sought to keep the custody records under seal to protect their son.

Amid the 400 pages of filings from the custody case, Jack Ryan claimed that his wife had had an affair, and she counterclaimed with the allegation that he had taken her to “sex clubs” in Paris, New York and New Orleans, which drove her to fall in love with another man.

(Republicans: If you plan a career in public office, please avoid marrying a wacko.)

Ryan had vehemently denied her allegations at the time, but it didn’t matter. The sex club allegations aired on “Entertainment Tonight,” “NBC Nightly News,” ABC’s “Good Morning America,” “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno,” and NBC’s “Today” show. CNN covered the story like it was the first moon landing.

(Interestingly, international papers also were ablaze with the story — the same newspapers that were supposed to be so bored with American sexual mores during Bill Clinton’s sex scandal.)

Four days after Judge Schnider unsealed the custody records, Ryan dropped out of the race for the horror of (allegedly) propositioning his own wife and then taking “no” for an answer.

Alan Keyes stepped in as a last-minute Republican candidate.

And that’s how Obama became a U.S. senator. He destroyed both his Democratic primary opponent and his Republican general election opponent with salacious allegations about their personal lives taken from “sealed” court records.

Obama’s team delved into Sarah Palin’s marriage and spread rumors of John McCain’s alleged affair in 2008 and they smeared Herman Cain in 2011 with hazy sexual harassment allegations all emanating from David Axelrod’s pals in Chicago.